Why? Well, because....Taters

Why why why? That’s one of the biggest pieces of Tater Targets. There are a lot of reasons that answer why. That in itself is part of the why. This is what built the passion for us to launch. If you don’t have an answer to why, then that most likely means the adventure never started. Typically it is the why that kick starts the entire process to anything great, and even those things that aren’t so great. For example, I would assume the Wright Brothers didn’t have the following conversation.

Orville: “Hey lets build something that flies in the air like a bird.”

Wilbur: “Why.”

Orville: “No Idea.”

Wilbur: “Cool sounds great. Let’s do it.”

I would assume that the conversation was much different than that. I may be wrong, and I am a lazy historian, so I won’t research and confirm. If you know that the conversation went exactly like that, then please feel free to let me know. Otherwise, I will continue to assume that the conversation was much more detailed. That asking why opened up a dialogue that may never have ended. Usually the why continuously grows, and you think of more and more reasons as to the why.  I know that for Tater Targets that is certainly the case. The list of why’s continues to grow, and will never be complete. Even if we fail, we will spend the rest of our lives saying Why it should have worked. I certainly won’t bore you with every why, but I hope to touch on a couple of the foundational Why’s. Why? No idea……Sorry couldn’t help myself.

The first why can be tied back to the Who. If you recall, and if you don’t it’s because I am a terribly slow blogger, we spent our time growing up exploring the outdoors and going on adventures. During these adventures we would gripe and talk about all of the tools, gadgets, and widgets that we used and how they could be better. These conversations would turn into ideas and some ideas would turn into “tries”. Tater Targets falls into the category of conversations turned ideas turned “tries”. We spent a lot of time target practicing and tried a bunch of different styles of targets. We could find a few things we liked about every one of them, and a bunch of things we didn’t like. We, being who we are, weren’t ones to sit idly by, so we decided to start building our own targets. Even before Tater Targets there were dueling trees, silhouettes, and other targets built and tested. In addition to those homemade targets we can’t forget the trial and error with rotted vegetables from mom’s garden. It’s funny how before we even thought about Tater Targets, the first why was forming, on the basis of Who.

The second why can be tied to a piece of where. This piece of Where lives in the transition from farmland and endless public ground, to the city. While Reno is no means massive, and you can find public land within minutes, there is something about being near a city that changes the Where. That, you may have guessed, is POPULATION. Here is some simple farmer math:

Lots of Public land * Farmland = Tiny Population Per Square Mile

Public Land/City = Less Public Land

City * Less Public Land = Large Population Per Square Mile

Tiny Population Per Square Mile * Target Practice = Minimal Trash

Large Population Per Square Mile * Target Practice = Lots of Trash

That silliness and poor arithmetic claiming to be math, while silly, is true. If you drive out around Reno and other cities, and get into the Public land you immediately start seeing what is deemed “Trigger Trash”. Trigger Trash is absolutely horrendous and is a real problem. I find it unfathomable that people would take their Washer and Dryer out to public land, shoot a few hundred rounds into them, then just leave them there. Same with computers, bowling pins, pallets, light-bulbs, phones, TV's, tires, mattresses, and apparently anything in your household that you want to get rid of. Rather than recycle, or dispose of any of these items properly they designate them as targets, then leave them once they are done. It is something I will never understand, and that is why we have the second why.  While shooting potatoes or other vegetables and fruits may not be the perfect alternative, at least they are a renewable resource. They are something that can be grown, and something that will actually go back into the earth. Unlike the metals, plastics, and other trash, the impact on the surrounding area is minimal. So the second Why is to try and be more "ecofriendly," remove the eyesores of Trigger Trash, and to make a better name for recreational shooting. If you're going to go target practice, there is no reason why you can’t do it in a better way.

Why can be better seen or heard in conversation. If you ask us about Tater Targets on the phone, or in person we can describe so many things that we want to include, which are in fact whys, and our passion comes through in a way that I could never portray in words. How many why’s you want to hear about really boils down to how much time you have to listen. I know that when we get into a pickup together for a six-hour drive to the middle of nowhere, the why’s come pouring out. We could talk about Tater Targets for the entire trip, my wife can attest to that, and with each passing hour the list of why’s grows and grows. The why’s are our dreams, and we want those dreams to come true. So Why?

Well lets see:

Change the game, (Moving targets).

Add scoring and a social media aspect. Connect the community to challenge each other from anywhere.

Help the environment.

Make something unique.

Make something better.

Have an impact.

Prove that we can do something like this.

Challenge ourselves.




Take pride in something different.

Connect to our roots.

Make improvements.

Have fun.

Our garages need more junk.

There are a lot of reasons why. If there wasn’t a reason why, then well, what’s the point. If there is no point. Then I guess the question would be…. Why?


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