Where The Tater Targets Grow

We have been on hiatus for a couple of weeks. We enjoyed the Fourth, and got another round of testing in on Tater Targets. In particular we were testing some potential different targets to include, (taters are still winning on the fun factor), and that aforementioned spinning target from a couple weeks ago is getting very close. There have been some app and firmware updates as well, which we wanted to see play out in the field. Now that we are back its time to discuss the where. Where do the Tater Targets grow?

The where has probably slowly revealed itself from the first two blogs of this series. In the who we talked about being a group of brothers from Northern Nevada who grew up on a farm. That is in fact the initial where. The roots of our process, ideas, and approach are all found there. A part of that where is also growing up surrounded by endless miles of public land. That public land allowed for a lot of exploration and created our hobbies and interests. Even today, we are still in Northern Nevada, and those miles of public land are still explored. Most of the pieces of the 5W1H feed off the where. The where molded the who, the what, the why, and the how related to Tater Targets. Who we are is directly related to the where. Had we not grown up where we did, we would not be the who that we are. The what is based on the who and where. If we lived where the outdoors were not a part of our life, then the what could be entirely different. The why, which we’ll get to, is based on going out into the where. In exploring the public lands of the where, we see the reason for the why. And finally the how. The how is accomplished by implementing all the lessons we learned growing up on that remote farm. Without the where, the how would be lacking. While we are writing about the where in kind of a general manner, the reality is the where is the foundation of Tater Targets. The where is the heart and soul, and we are thankful for the where.

There is another aspect to the where which might speak to the entrepreneur in all of us. It is the most beautiful and glorious place on earth. It is where, in my opinion, most great things start. As the world continues to evolve, this particular place, may be looked at as the greatest contributor to all of the world’s advancements and success. The Garage. Where would we be without the garage? You laugh, but consider the following businesses: Amazon, Microsoft, Disney, Apple, Google, Harley Davidson, HP, Mattel, and Dell. To find the value of a garage just look to the worth of each of those companies. Those are just some of the famous companies that started in garage like spaces. It makes me stop and wonder how many other businesses, both large and small, were started in a garage. I wonder if the inventor of the wheel was sitting in their version of a garage, when their idea struck. The world today has been changed by a place that some people think is only useful to park your car in. In reality, the garage is the epicenter for ideas to become realities, and realities to change the world. This is the Where that Tater Targets is evolving and growing. Hours have been spent in the garage, designing, building, and testing. While the garage is filled with hopes and dreams, it is also filled with the failures and mistakes of the past. Those failures though push us closer to the dreams, and the dreams are becoming a reality. Will that reality change the world? Perhaps in some small way it will. That really may depend on the why.  


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