Tater Targets - It Begins

In this first blog post we are going to start introducing you to the 5W1H of Tater Targets. That would be the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How. With the 5W1H we are going to give you a view into the world of Tater Targets.

So, let’s start with the Who. Who is behind Tater Targets?

Well that would be a group of brothers from a small town in Northern Nevada. We grew up on a farm in an area surrounded by millions of acres of public land. We used that land to our full advantage doing all things outdoors. Hunting, fishing, shooting, exploring, building, destroying, getting in trouble, all things that were possible on any given day. Many of times these outdoor adventures turned into discussions. These discussions were about things like tools and technology in the outdoor space that either worked great, didn’t exist, or honestly really ticked us off, because it didn’t work at all. These discussions then started turning into ideas, and these ideas into things we really wanted to do. They weren’t always good ideas, but they were always fun, and there were always friends nearby to encourage and help. That’s how things like snowmobiles turn into Go-Karts and Camaros into sand rails. We almost never knew what we were doing, but by the time we were done, we knew what not to do. This is the mentality of the who behind Tater Targets. We are still just a group of brothers, who almost never know what we are doing, but have an idea on something we really want to do. So instead of letting someone else eventually do it, we, being Who we are, decided to give it a go. That leads us into What. What did we decide to give a go?

The What, to your surprise I’m sure, is Tater Targets. What is or are Tater Targets? It’s a concept based on using potatoes (taters) as targets. Using potatoes as targets, is nothing new. Plenty of people have enjoyed the explosion and blow back of taters raining down around them. Taters are a great reactive target and are a blast to shoot. We know this, so we used that as the foundation of the What.

Tater Targets is a full target system built around Taters. First and foremost, Tater Targets is a target stand. It starts with our custom-made brackets. Our brackets are built to work with standard ¾” EMT which can be purchased at just about any hardware store. The stand is easily adjustable in height and length, which means you can buy the EMT lengths you like and make the stand adaptable to you. The next piece of Tater Targets is the Tater Skewer Clips. These clips are used with grill skewers that can be purchased online, at a grocery store, and many other places. The skewer is pushed into our clips, then you poke a tater and clip it to the EMT. After you clip a few taters to the EMT you see the fun starting to form. Another piece of Tater Targets might actually be something you already own. A gong. With this target stand setup, we made it easy for you to add your gong to the target stand. This means you might have a half dozen taters hanging out, right next to your gong, to make for a fun reactive target challenge.

We didn’t stop there though. We also added a little new age technology to Tater Targets. As they say, “there’s an app for that”. There is in fact an app for Tater Targets. It has two reasons for its existence. The first is this app is used to setup our Running Tator, and soon to be Spinning Tator. Our Running and Spinning Tators bring a new challenge to the world of target practice and shooting. These are moving reactive targets. The Running Tator, moves or runs, back and forth in a random pattern on your EMT. You use the app to setup the length you want the target to run. The Running Tator is like a squirrel or a groundhog. Moving place to place, and never sitting very long.

The Spinning Tator is clipped onto the EMT, then the app is used to set how far you want the tater to spin. Most larger taters are longer than they are wide. So if you start with the tater facing you with the long side, you use the app to say you want it to spin 90 degrees. What the target will do is spin to show you the smaller side, wait there for x seconds, then it will spin back and show you the longer side for y seconds. Basically, the tater is “hiding” then “showing”. Imagine a clay pigeon in the Spinning Tator. When the front faces you, there is a decent sized target to hit. When the side faces you, there is a very small target. Target setup then, is the first reason for our apps existence. If you don’t own our moving reactive targets, that’s ok, the next feature can still be used. The second reason for our app’s existence is for score keeping. Once you have setup the “course” with the target stand and any additional targets that you want, you can use the app to keep score. When you are ready to start shooting hit start and get blasting. Time is everything. Once all the “course” is cleared hit stop to see how you did. The app allows you to input names, so you can challenge your friends. It keeps track of the current score, high score, and top five scores. So, you can really battle it out. If you are ready to start over, clear the scores out, and give it another round. It is the combination of the classics, just blowing stuff up, and the new age, technology, that we hope makes Tater Targets the WHAT, that you want. While today Tater Targets does exist, there is a lot more to the When, than now.

You won’t learn about the When today, but it will be coming very soon, in our next blog.


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