• Why? Well, because....Taters

    There are a lot of reasons why. If there wasn’t a reason why, then well, what’s the point. If there is no point. Then I guess the question would be…. Why?
  • Where The Tater Targets Grow

    Ever wonder where everything starts? Here's a hint:

    It is the most beautiful and glorious place on earth. As the world continues to evolve, this particular place, may be looked at as the greatest contributor to all of the world’s advancements and success. We owe a lot to this place. So many great things have started here. Our life would be very different without it.

  • Tater Targets -When It continues

    Back When there wasn't a Raspberry PI, and the Arduino's were young. That's when the adventure began. When does it end? Follow us and you'll see.
  • Tater Targets - It Begins

    The 5W1H of Tater Targets. Come explore the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How as we combine the classics and new age in the world of target practice.